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An entire esports industry started from a pure desire of gamers to define who’s best in a fair competition. The community still rules the entire process and it’s crucial to support them in the most relevant way. In 2019 we started a series of international amateur leagues and events under the GetInPro brand. With thousands of players on board we now expand towards new countries and competitive disciplines.

Our league structure is adopted within the entire network of GP arenas. It helps to engage the players on a regular basis by creating a direct value chain for all participants. As a part of our network, you will be joining our schedule of regular events, qualifiers, and playoff series.

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GP Arenas

GP Arenas

With the rapid growth of the esports segment and the major interest around offline events there is an ongoing demand for specialised venues.

That's where GP arenas step in. Created to become an ultimate solution, they are intended to provide the highest level of service whether it’s a big stadium or a small gaming arena in a local shopping mall.

Three classes of esports arenas, each designed to the highest industry standards and equipped with the most advanced gaming equipment.

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GP Leagues


GetInPro brand helps those willing to build their career in competitive gaming and professional esports.

Starting 2019 it began operating their own tournaments and leagues, mainly focusing on the amateur and semi-professional segment. A few thousands gamers from 18 countries have joined their events in the last 2 years.

The main goal of GetInPro is to build an international network of esports arenas that will be open to everyone. Besides, arenas will be available for competitions of any scale and level: from school and amateur to professional leagues.

GP Leagues
GP Academy


The company plans to expand into new areas along with the arenas on the basis of which the Academies will operate for:

  • Esports players
  • Streamers
  • Casters

Also, the company is ready to involve managers of professional organisations and pro-players for cooperation to exchange experience and scouting of the most talented representatives of the industry.

Public & Private Sector

GP Season 2020: Summer Cup

GP Season 2020: Summer Cup

GP Arena Class 2 in Kyiv

GP Arena Class 2 in Kyiv

Esports Regulatory Congress

Esports Regulatory Congress

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